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The Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) is the first stop for advertising agencies, entrepreneurs and businesses looking for the most cost-effective, targeted way to advertise their products. Since 1998, the IBAA has served as the information clearinghouse, promotional arm, and regulatory agency for restroom advertising companies throughout the United States and Canada.

While politely termed "Indoor Advertising," our industry's primary focus is "Restroom Advertising" which captures the attention of the young and affluent 21-35 year old demographic.

Often referred to as "non-traditional" advertising, Restroom Advertising is widely recognized as an extremely targeted, well-received advertising medium, and reaches a captive audience while they engage in social settings at high trafficked locations such as restaurants, night clubs, sports bars, arenas and other venues. Indoor Advertising reaches consumers from an uncluttered, captive, eye-level vantage point, making it unavoidable.

IBAA Members have been leaders in utilizing a unique position to reach this captive audience while they are eating, drinking, exercising, or being entertained, thus making Indoor/Restroom Advertising one of the first "Social Media." Indoor Advertising allows advertisers to broadcast their message directly to a receptive targeted audience via gender, region, lifestyle, age, and other select demographics.

With additions of ancillary technology such as placed based mobile phone applications, to advances and implementation of digital technology, Indoor/Restroom Advertising continues to engage its audience.

The IBAA is dedicated to serving and promoting the common interests of our member companies, suppliers and clients of the industry, with an additional focus on continuing to improve standards, research metrics, ethical practices and ancillary offerings, and continuing to raise the profile for Indoor Advertising.

If you are interested in learning more about joining the IBAA, starting an indoor advertising business, or finding a member company to position your advertising, contact us today.

John Koenig - Executive Director  503.998.3465

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The Latest

  • IBAA Conference 2017! March 14-15! Book Now, Bet Later!

We’re amped to announce our 20th Annual Indoor Billboard Advertising Conference, March 14-15th at the Signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas!

 It’s our annual opportunity to gather wisdom from presentations, networking with members, and sharing ideas on growing your indoor-restroom advertising business in a fun setting.  We’re excited to be situated in the Signature at MGM Grand which is a perfect venue!   https://www.signaturemgmgrand.com

 We’ll “Tee Off” on Tuesday evening, March 14th with our welcoming reception at TopGolf-Las Vegas (@the MGM Grand). Take a few chip shots on TopGolf’s virtual driving range with fellow members.  We’ll have a hosted bar, heavy appetizers, and a lively environment to network and get things started.  It will be like Caddyshack minus the gophers! http://topgolf.com/us/las-vegas/

 Next morning, Wednesday, March 15, we’ll roll with a full day Conference Meeting (on premise at the Signature MGM Grand) starting with a breakfast buffet for indoor firms. Conference content follows and includes speakers, round table discussions, media buying trends, shared opportunities, sponsors, ancillary advertising trends, and other value added ideas to grow your firm. We’ll also provide lunch, and and post conference Happy Hour networking will follow. All current members, associate members, member staff, and sponsors are welcome!

 It’s perfect timing to be in Vegas that week as it coincides with the start of NCAA March Madness on Thursday, March 16th! It’s a great reason to stay an extra day or two, and we’ve deep discounts at the Signature at MGM Grand for members, staff, sponsors, and feel free to bring extra guests(see below).

IBAA Conference Registration Discount- Two Steps to Book and Save Now!


            Step 1:  Book your Room(s) at the Signature at MGM Grand!


We’ve been offered a limited supply of deeply discounted rooms rates at the Signature at MGM Grand with rooms at $105 Per Night (plus resort fee/tax).  This is a 4.5 Star Hotel attached to the MGM Grand on the Strip. Rooms  are limited and book directly with this Link below, or Dial.  Bring Staff & other guests too!  It’s a great deal.


             Register at https://aws.passkey.com/event/16180314/owner/28465/home.  

With discounts applied- or  Dial registration800.929.1111 with code IND0317




            Step 2: Now Register for the Conference Content for a mere $195!


*Register before 12/31/16. Conference Content Fee is $275 after January 1st, or if you are booking your room at another hotel. You must also be a paid current IBAA Member/Sponsor to attend. Fee Includes TopGolf Reception (drinks, food, golf),  All Conference Content (plus Breakfast, Lunch & Refreshments during the meeting). Additional Conference Attendees for $155 Per Person.  It’s a smoking deal for the value!


To Register for Conference Content, reach out to me at director@indooradvertising.com, and I’ll forward invoice payable via paypal.com (to director@indooradvertising.org) or via check per need.                                         

Book your rooms first, connect with me second and we’ll get you onboard!

Interested in Sponsoring?  We’ve a limited number of sponsor-commercial times available to present to attendees. Want to pitch our members with a new product, digital display, or know someone who does? Reach out for more details. 

Questions? Drop me a line and stay tuned for more details on conference content.  

Book now and join us. The Conference is the best payback for belonging to the IBAA and this year we’re celebrating 20!

 See you in March!

John Koenig





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Who Needs the IBAA?

  • Advertising Agencies looking for the most bang for their client's buck
  • Anyone who has a product or service to sell
  • Existing indoor billboard companies
  • Anyone wanting to open a restroom advertising company

The IBAA is the first stop for advertising agencies, entrepreneurs and businesses looking for the most cost-effective, targeted way to advertise their product. Since 1998, the IBAA has served as the information clearinghouse, promotional arm and regulatory agency for restroom advertising companies throughout the United States and Canada.

The Buzz Around the Water Cooler...

"Restroom advertising is naturally an efficient medium for targeting strictly male or female audiences." -Adweek

"The ads reach the audience most coveted by advertisers: 21-35 year olds who like to go out and spend money. Restroom ads also allow companies to target a gender with 100% accuracy."-Fortune

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