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The Indoor Billboard Advertising Association (IBAA) is the first stop for advertising agencies, entrepreneurs and businesses looking for the most cost-effective, targeted way to advertise their products. Since 1998, the IBAA has served as the information clearinghouse, promotional arm, and regulatory agency for restroom advertising companies throughout the United States and Canada.

While politely termed "Indoor Advertising," our industry's primary focus is "Restroom Advertising" which captures the attention of the young and affluent 21-35 year old demographic.

Often referred to as "non-traditional" advertising, Restroom Advertising is widely recognized as an extremely targeted, well-received advertising medium, and reaches a captive audience while they engage in social settings at high trafficked locations such as restaurants, night clubs, sports bars, arenas and other venues. Indoor Advertising reaches consumers from an uncluttered, captive, eye-level vantage point, making it unavoidable.

IBAA Members have been leaders in utilizing a unique position to reach this captive audience while they are eating, drinking, exercising, or being entertained, thus making Indoor/Restroom Advertising one of the first "Social Media." Indoor Advertising allows advertisers to broadcast their message directly to a receptive targeted audience via gender, region, lifestyle, age, and other select demographics.

With additions of ancillary technology such as placed based mobile phone applications, to advances and implementation of digital technology, Indoor/Restroom Advertising continues to engage its audience.

The IBAA is dedicated to serving and promoting the common interests of our member companies, suppliers and clients of the industry, with an additional focus on continuing to improve standards, research metrics, ethical practices and ancillary offerings, and continuing to raise the profile for Indoor Advertising.

If you are interested in learning more about joining the IBAA, starting an indoor advertising business, or finding a member company to position your advertising, contact us today.

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  • IBAA Conference 2017 Recap!

Greetings IBAA Members + Sponsors!

Hope everyone’s March Madness bracket paid off even more than attending the 20th Annual IBAA Conference the other week in Las Vegas at the Signature at MGM Grand!  

Since the event, we’re hitting the ground running and rolling into Spring and Summer months with new wisdom to grow our industry! 

It’s always invigorating to connect with attendees in person, and this year we had excellent added value from our sponsors and speakers. Much thanks for all the excellent content, shared ideas, and networking from all attending members, associate member and sponsors.

 Here’s a long-short recap for non-attendees (or those attending with ‘fuzzy' memories) with none of the names changed to protect the innocent:

 Our gathering opened with a ‘swing’ at our evening reception/happy hour at TopGolf, generously sponsored by Captini (www.captini.com), where our golf games were second to introductions, networking, heckling and good natured smack talk amongst members and sponsors.

 We rolled into the next morning with an “Indoor Firm” session breakfast (sponsored by www.11online.us) with introductions of new members, industry news, procedural details, and ideas on a new shared online media presence. Mid-morning we welcomed associate members and sponsors into the mix, and IBAA Member Brian Wyatt (www.newad.com) gave a glimpse of some of the cutting edge experiential elements that his firm New Ad has been adding to their indoor offerings.

Our reception sponsor Steven Wright, CEO of Captini, presented a cutting edge opportunity to add a wifi/social media to our venues, and also gain analytics from venue patrons and a new revenue stream via Captini’s social media plus wifi platform. IBAA member Steve Edwards (www.iwerxmedia.com) shared his ideas and own experience as he’s rolled out the Captini product in his indoor operation and offerings.  It’s mind blowing technology, and one our industry stands to use to add traction to our sales, and also fresh revenue from venue placement. Captini has a partnership with TripAdvisor and we’re thrilled to connect members with their opportunity (www.captini.com). 

After a break for lunch (sponsored by RedDot Brands), digital marking brand guru and president of Anvil Media, Kent Lewis, provided compelling ideas to drive traffic and potential advertisers to our websites via adding ‘video’ content to educate potential customers.  Kent also did "breakout session" reviewing some IBAA Member websites directly, and providing free golden nuggets on how to better build a websites to best broadcast indoor advertising, as our websites are the second line of reaching advertisers looking for more information on our medium from pricing to placements. (www.anvilmediainc.com)

With many members looking for cost effective ways to add ‘digital signage’ to our standard indoor boards, it was timely that we had Andy Ahrens, Sales Director at RedDot Brands with his opportunity for a turnkey Digital Display. RedDot (www.reddotbrands.com) has developed an integrated LCD screen which is combined with their tamper proof paper towel dispense product.  It’s an immediate ‘in’ into the digital display realm with no cost to the indoor firm!   Andy had our attention and left the conference with a with agreements to get his RedDot Brand product positioned and rolling in some current IBAA member markets!

Afternoon sessions were topped off by a shared roundtable discussion on advertising agency trends, and a presentation by IBAA President, Ruben Garcia, on the trends in Public Service and Non-Profit advertising campaigns, and how his firm is leveraging campaigns into long term clients. Other discussions dovetailed with Ruben’s presentation including how to best maximize ad space inventory, ad inventory tracking, asset management, and how to best procure, lease, reward and retain venues in a changing economic landscape.

The IBAA Board wrapped up with ideas to expand our media outreach (via more interaction with our shared work on PSA campaigns, and a refresh and design of our IBAA marketing materials.  The day was topped off by some good-natured Vegas activities which are best left in that Nevada zip code.

Special thanks for the conference organization from David Turner, Johnny Advertising; and Ruben Garcia, Johnny Boards/IBAA President; for the help getting us situated and the materials ready for the event.

And another round of gratitude to our IBAA Conference Sponsors:  Valley Industrial Products (www.valleyindustrialtape.com), 11Online (www.11online.us), Captini (www.captini.com), RedDot Brands (www.reddotbrands.com), ITEX (www.itex.com), Snap! Display Frames (www.snapdisplayframes.com), and Anvil Media (www.anvilmediainc.com).

Stay tuned for new opportunities and outreach as we roll deeper into the year! We’re planning a bigger event to celebrate our 21st Birthday in 2018!

May Your Audience Be Captive!

John Koenig

IBAA Director

Press Room


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The IBAA is the first stop for advertising agencies, entrepreneurs and businesses looking for the most cost-effective, targeted way to advertise their product. Since 1998, the IBAA has served as the information clearinghouse, promotional arm and regulatory agency for restroom advertising companies throughout the United States and Canada.

The Buzz Around the Water Cooler...

"Restroom advertising is naturally an efficient medium for targeting strictly male or female audiences." -Adweek

"The ads reach the audience most coveted by advertisers: 21-35 year olds who like to go out and spend money. Restroom ads also allow companies to target a gender with 100% accuracy."-Fortune

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